Smart Lithium Battery™

Compared with lead, our lithium telecom battery have many benefits, such as half the volume, a quarter of the weight and five times higher energy density – which gives them a longer service life, especially in cyclic environments. This results in many types of cost savings.
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Smart Lithium Power™

Incell’s Smart Lithium Power™ solution is a fully integrated telecom battery back-up system for installation anywhere; on a pole, on a wall or in the tower. The SLP product family comes in different power ranges and reserve times, with both AC and DC inputs and outputs. The units are complete and easy to buy, install and own and require no on-site maintenance.
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With Incell’s cloud based management and maintenance service, Always Connected™, you can manage, analyze and optimize your network availability.
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Our Battery-as-a-Service™ model gives you a performance guarantee during the contract, at fixed monthly operating costs and no initial investment.
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Incell lithium batteries – Join the evolution from lead to lithium.

SLP™ – Smart Lithium Power: Telecom battery backup system

Incell Battery-as-a-Service™

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