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Our power and battery solution is available as a service. This concept gives you control over your power and  battery backup and a handle on costs. With us, you can always count on your power. And you will always know your exact monthly costs.


Our Battery-as-a-Service™ model gives you a performance guarantee during the contract, at fixed monthly operating costs and no initial investment. We let you focus on your core business, while we do ours – increasing your competiveness with trustworthy power.

Managed Battery

In this offering, once you have purchased our products, you can order the specific services you need, for example installation, provisioning, battery response center, remote access and periodic analysis of your batteries, for a flat monthly fee on standard warranty terms.

Our Battery-as-a-Service™ gives you:

  • Ease of installation, low-touch provisioning and no on-site maintenance.
  • Fixed monthly costs and performance guarantees.
  • Accurate online predictions of time to discharge (state of charge).
  • Remote connection to all sites and periodic analysis of your battery sites.
  • Response center (24/7) with dispatch capabilities in case of failure, staffed by battery
    and power experts for in-depth analysis if needed.

Reference projects including Battery-as-a-Service™